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Addiction recovery is a journey full of joy and hope. Here, you can explore illustrated insights, ideas and paths of healing for a wonderful new life of freedom, fun, and deeply satisfying relationships.

Recovered addicts say this difficult journey takes guts, openness, self-knowledge, action, love, faith and community. It also takes time to address all our addictions and heal from the underlying addictive process. Along the way, we flex our spiritual muscles and relish the now.

In the words of experts, teachers, healers and recovering or recovered addicts, you’ll learn new ways of thinking, believing and acting. Fascinating perspectives and ideas await you. It's your journey, your life, and your choice what to believe and act on. Our goal is to provide valuable resources to support your path to wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

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    Scientifically Proven Tips!

    With research studies to back these tips up, these aren't unproven self-help drivel, You will be making measurable progress!

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    Food is Medicine or Poison!

    Research shows, the food you eat changes the chemistry in your brain & body. Balance can be restored. ADHD, Aggressiveness, Paranoia, can be controlled with food.

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    Relationships the Root Cause!

    No placing blame, we go to the start and root of behaviors from biological causes to childhood interactions.

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    Reflection Being Self-Aware!

    Whatever you choose prayer, meditation, journalling... we all need time to reflect (rewrite)

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